Precision Calibrator Products

Calibrators Inc offers a variety of high performance and cost effective calibrator products to meet any application need and budget. Contact us to discuss your particular application requirements.
Hand Held Battery Powered Voltage Calibrator
Superior accuracy, ease of programming, and battery-powered portability make the DVC-350A the calibrator of choice for precise adjustment of analyzers, recorders, controllers, data acquisition systems, in both laboratory and field applications.

- Handheld, lightweight 11 ounces
- Accuracy of +/-0.015% FSR at 25DegC
- 4 1/2 digit display
- 100 microvolt increments
- Two output voltage ranges: Decimal: +/-1.2VDC, +/-12VDC, Hexadecimal: +/-1VDC, +/-10VDC

High Precision Benchtop Voltage Source
A high accuracy, cost effective benchtop calibrator, the DVC-8500 is ideal for bench top use, yet small enough for portable site use. It may also be panel mounted for use as a calibrator in integrated system configurations.

- Full scale output range of +/-19.999V
- Millivolt setting with accuracy of +/-25ppm of setting +/- 1/2 LSB (0.005% of full scale range)
- Rated accuracy up to 25mA output
- Vernier adjustment provides +/-1.5mV offset in 50 microvolt steps
- Bench top case with stand, optional panel mount kit available

Ultra Precision Touch Screen Calibrator

Ulta-high accuracy and stability in a compact, benchtop unit. Touch pad interface for all settings and displayed parameters. 

- Unprecedented Accuracy of +/-0.0005% error or +/-5ppm
- Less than 3ppm/DegC temperature drift
- Output simulation of 13 types of thermocouples
- +/-2V and +/-20V programmable bipolar ranges
- Full Color Touch Screen interface for intuitive interaction