Frequently Asked Questions

Do you design and manufacture your own products?
Yes! All design, manufacturing, and product support is done in our facility in Cumberland, RI, USA

What is your warranty?
18 months from date of shipment, and includes all parts and labor

What type of battery does the DVC-350A use?
It uses either a standard 9V alkaline-type battery, which is non-rechargeable. You may also use a 7.2V rechargeable Ni-Cad type that recharges in the unit when used with our AC adapter. This 7.2V Ni-Cad battery and AC adapter are available as optional accessories.

How often should the DVC-350A be checked for calibration?
Every 6 months is recommended

What is the cutout needed for panel mounting the DVC-8500 benchtop calibrator?

The panel cutout required is 5.62" Long x 2.156" High (142.7mm x 54.8mm). The use of panel mount accessory kit #38-8193022 is required for secure mounting and electrical interconnect.

I have a 230VAC line input. Can the DVC-8500 be connected?
Yes. The DVC-8500E accepts 230VAC input power.